April is here!

Bagels on a cooling rack

When our lovely Bagel Lady started selling at the Farmers Market last fall, it wasn’t long before she was able to sell her 10 dozen bagels. Sometimes it took as little as 45 minutes!  So in January when the Pie Guy started helping out we got to talking about our baking future. And then it hit us, what on earth were we going to do when the Blacksburg Farmers Market went from 8am-2pm in April? Sit around for 5 hours after we’ve sold out?  I guess it would be nice to get to visit with all the market patrons but no… that wasn’t going to work.

The Bagel Lady loading bagels onto a cedar plank

Our Bagel Lady is loading up a set of bagels on our custom cedar planks

“Wouldn’t it be amazing we said if we could somehow bake 20 dozen bagels??  Wow what a target!” we said.  After researching, practice, late nights, and early mornings we’ve gotten better at our craft. Thanks to your support we’ve grown far past our expectations. For the month of March we’ve baked and sold as many as 25 dozen bagels, pitas, pretzels and pies at a single market.  But April and its 8am start time was approaching fast and we could only expect to grow even more.

More talking, researching, and planning have led us to a new goal. We’ve been improving our skills, finding new recipes (you’re going to love them!), restructuring our processes, and upgrading our equipment. We worked hard to make our process as efficient as possible without cutting any corners on the baking process or the ingredients we use.  So even though we make a lot of bagels, each one is sure to be as good as the next.

Bagels in a tray with pies displayed in front

Some of our beautiful bagels and our first market pies. S’mores and Apple!

Some of these changes have already been implemented but others are going to take a little more time.  Because of that we’ve decided that we’re going to take a few weeks off from baking while we get everything perfected.  So sadly, we will not be at the market for a little while.  If for no other reason, we need to catch up on some sleep!

Keep following us here as we share more about our story and of course you’re always welcome to contact us with any special inquiries you might have!