Home Orders

When you’d love to bake for your family but you just don’t have the time to get it all done, just give us a call! We bake lots of great things to compliment your family meals and events. Dinner rolls, sandwich breads, pies, cookies, and more.  The list below is just a list of options that are available. And yes, you can always get bagels, pretzels or pitas as well!
Items indicated with a gf are available in a non gluteny version 🙂

Bagels ($1.50 each, $8/half dozen, $15/dozen)
Loads of varieties!
Pretzels ($2.50 each)
Twisty and delicious. Available as plain, salted, cheddar, cinnamon, or everythign
Pitas or Naan ($1.50 each, $8/half dozen, $15/dozen)
Seriously delicious flat breads
IMG_20150422_115406_446 Breads (loaves $4-$6, rolls $12-$15/dozen)
pretzel, potato, ciabatta, sourdough gf
IMG_20150422_115406_446 Sourdough (loaves $4.50-$6, baguettes $2-$3, rolls $12-$15/dozen)
We bake a large variety of sourdough options using one of 3 starters (Blacksburg, Rhode Island, San Fransisco) or our gluten free starter.  gf
brownies Brownies ($22 per order of 15)
Add caramel sauce for $2
cookies Cookies
Ninja-bread cookies (iced or plain), Chocolate Chip gf, Double Chocolate Chip gf, Double Chocolate Chipotle gf, Shortbread (rosemary or lavender), Molasses gf, Chewy Cashew gf
nutballs Gluten Free Nut Balls ($14/10)
Maple Pecan gf, Cashew Cardamom gf, Chocolate Almond gf
All Cheesecakes and Pies are available in gluten free options
cheesecake Cheesecakes ($35-$40)
Plain NY style, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin
Add Caramel, Rhubarb or Peach sauce for $3
IMG_20140703_135153_287 Pies ($20-$35)
Lemon Meringue, Banana Pudding, Custard, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Chiffon, Apple, S’mores, Key Lime, Peach, Rhubarb, Bumbleberry, Butternut, Peach, Chocolate Silk, Peanut Butter Fluffer Nutter, Eggnog
Gluten free crusts (+$2) Pecan, Cookie, Graham Cracker, Pastry (pie only)

Not listed? Just ask! We’ll still bake it!

While we work out the bugs in our form please email bakers@blacksburgbagels.com