What’s Cooking?

We make more than just bagels here but rest assured, everything we bake is authentic, handmade, and above all delicious!


Blacksburg Bagels come in over 20 varieties.  From old favorites to our custom recipes like the pumpkin seed cheddar we’re sure you’ll find one that you love!
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Our favorite fluffy flat bread. Pockets and all! Great for dipping, making sandwiches, and personal pizza crusts!


We started craving pretzels one day.  We started baking them the next morning. How can you say no to a maple glazed pretzel?
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In the mood for a serious sandwich?  Try out some of our fresh baked loaves available in many of our bagel flavors. Order in advance and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you at the market!
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Classic pies to take home and share…  or eat on the walk home. Better get two!
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Bolos Levedos

This delicious Portuguese muffin is great on its own or wrapped around your favorite sandwich!
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