Our assistant bagel baker is better known as the Pie Guy.  We’re excited to let him bring some of his personal favorites to the table for you to try!

After several years of being frustrated with the options of good local desserts, I bought a cookbook, took a pie baking class, and never looked back.  Actually I do look back sometimes.  I see how sad I was when I wasn’t eating pie 🙁
– The Pie Guy slice of pie

Like all of our products, every pie is made by hand using local ingredients whenever possible. The crust, filling, topping, all of it. But here’s the thing.  Don’t pretend that these pies are good for you because they are made from scratch. Just know that they’re good. It’s important that you keep a good balanced diet.  Stay healthy and enjoy!

Hold the Gluten! Pies are one of the few things we make that can be gluten free. They take a bit more care to prepare safely so all gluten free items are pre order only.

We’re working on getting the right set up to make them more easily so for now they’re in limited quantities.  Here’s what we hope to have at the market for you this year!

Pastry Crust Pies

Apple – Banana Cream – Blueberry – Bumbleberry – Butternut – Cherry – Fluffernutter – Peach Raspberry – Pumpkin – Rhubarb

Peach Raspberry pie with stars cut into the crust

Peach Raspberry

5 S'mores pies

The Infamous S’mores

Cookie Crust Pies

Chocolate – Custard – Eggnog – Key Lime – Mocha Toffee – Peanut Butter – S’mores