Community Supported Bagel-culture

Did you sign up for the CSB using the form on this page?  For some reason it hasn’t been sending emails correctly so we missed out on your email! Please email to sign up today!!

csb-no-urlI’m sure that many of you have heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), but for those who have not, CSAs are a great way for you to connect with local farmers. Most CSAs are weekly deliveries of fresh produce to people that sign up for shares. A produce subscription of sorts. A lot of people might see it simply as way to get fresh produce without having to shop for it, but it is more than that. Among other things participating in a CSA is a way for you to support your local farmers by providing them with a stable revenue stream which allows so that they can better plan for the growing season.

Peace of mind is priceless

You could say that this isn’t much different than buying from someone at a farmers market. But working a market is a lot of hard work, and time away from the farm. Say that on the day of the market there’s a big rain storm, or perhaps it’s miserably hot out.  Chances are that the farmer wouldn’t be selling as much as they would on a cool sunny day.  By having a guarantee each week that you’ll be able to share a portion of your produce with local residents is a great way for you to know that your baseline income is going to be a little bit higher. Farmers can breathe a little easier and focus on growing their farm which in turn provides more options for local produce to be introduced to your neighbors hungry for some good fresh food.

Why not bagels?

Some CSAs do include options to get other items alongside produce. Adds on of jams, sauces, meats and cheeses can be a periodic or weekly addition for those that are interested.  So that brings us to bagels.  We run into similar issues when it comes to market sales.  We’d love to be available every day but it’s just not feasible yet. So beginning this month, Blacksburg Bagels is rolling out our CSB (Community Supported Bagel-culture) to support the growing community of local bagel lovers like you.  By having orders like these it will help us provide you with the baked goods you love and allow for a better selection for our customers at the Wednesday Farmers Markets.

Bagels in BagsSign me up!

Each Wednesday we’ll have a full or half dozen bagels ready for you to enjoy. If you would like to add on breads, pretzels, pitas or pies, just ask!

Pricing (includes tax):
1 Week share – $15
1 Week half share – $8
Delivery for $2 (minimum dozen bagels), free pick up at the Wednesday Blacksburg Farmers Market.
Order 1 month at a time to get discounts and bonus bagels!

For those that are interested all you have to do send an email to

Don't forget about the pretzels!

Don’t forget about the pretzels!