[smartslider2 slider=”2″]icon-pretzelPretzels, they say, were invented by a monk that wanted to reward children for memorizing their prayers.  The foldy twisty part is sort of a take on crossed arms in prayer.  Others say that the pretzel shape is all about hugs. Still others claim that it’s all a cover up for bakers that have poor bagel forming mojo.

Pretzel on a cooling rackBut what really matters is how pretzels found their way into the Blacksburg Bagel line up.  One fated day we decided to try out a new process by starting the dough the day before.  Letting it go for an overnight rise made for a very different product.  Different but still familiar.  They didn’t taste like bagels, but instead reminded us of the more sour flavor of a pretzel.  So we took some time to test new ideas out and now we have some great choices for you to pick from!

Twists – Salt, Cinnamon Sugar, or Maple Glazed
Braids – Cheesy or Salty
Rolls – Great for sausages and hot dogs!

Braids or twists, sweet or salty.  Give them a try when you see us at the market! pretzels full up