Pete Macedo


Pete has been an owner of Blacksburg Bagels since 2014 and took things on full time in 2018. His love of good pie took him on the path to growing Blacksburg Bagels into what it is today. Your community bakery!


Marel is a master at making dough and speed demon on the boiler. She’s often the smiling face that you’ll see at our farmers market stand. 🙂



Katelynn can tackle dough like a champ. Each day she will make as many as 8 kinds of dough for our team to divide form and bake. On top of that she is also is one of our best cracker bakers.


Stephanie has quickly become our gluten free specialist. Gluten free products act very differently than those made with more conventional flours and it takes a special kind of patience to get it done right!


Molly can mix. Molly can boil. Molly can bake. But Molly will not accept any of your guff at 5am.


Grace is one of our behind the scenes bakers that keeps us on track to get everything to you fresh at our farmers markets. In addition to helping out with mixing and forming, she does a great job with lots of our restaurant breads.


Odie is our resident crackermaster. Don’t laugh, they’re amazing.