Order closed for Saturday but come see us at market to buy from the stand!

Preorders not required at the market 🙂  

Order by 7pm Thursday for Saturday delivery/pickup

Order by 7pm Saturday for Monday or Tuesday delivery/pickup

Order by 7pm Monday for Wednesday delivery/pickup

We deliver a large selection of our bread to Annie Kay’s throughout the week for immediate pickup. 

While we support each other to restrict the spread of COVID-19 we will be focusing on a few of our products rather than offering our full menu for orders. Please feel free to request other items but know that the following options are more likely to be available. 

Family Loaves $5 (10 slices, great size for sandwiches): Amish White bread, Polish Rye, Pumpernickel

  • Sourdoughs: Seriously Seedy, Sesame, Sprouted Wheat, Whole Wheat

Sandwich Packs $5 (6): Sandwich Buns, Hoagie Rolls, English Muffins, Pita Pockets (4 pack)

Bagels $8/half doz, $15/doz: Mix and match from varieties listed below

Pretzels $3/each, $5/2: Salted, Plain, Everything, Cinnamon

Pizza Dough $4: regular, gluten free +$1


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